Don’t Get Discouraged!

As I lay here and wait for the time to send my daughter off to school I realized I got discouraged. My mind began to wonder off on things that I’ve done to impact, encourage and even loved but never get in return. I started to feel like I felt in my school days, alone. Why? Because when we see others being praised and loved and others enjoying them we feel left out. We feel like no one sees what we are doing or have accomplished. When we began to feel that way, depression sneaks in and we began to feel sorry for ourselves. I know I’m not the only one that feels this way. I can’t be! Tears began to fall from my face because I wonder do others notice me. Why haven’t my light shined. My mind goes on and on but every time I began to feel that way, I always hear a voice telling me not to give up. Don’t throw in the towel. It’s hard but I hold on to that. I’m older and it feels likes my light it’s going to shine. It’s hard seeing others living their best life and I’m just here. It’s 5:30 am and I’m feeling this way? Yes! But as the sun gets ready to shine I have to continue to get up and keep moving no matter what it looks like. I realize that I have to encourage myself if no one else will. I have to love myself even when I feel lost and alone. I know that I try to be the best person that I was created to be but at times it takes everything out of me to get up and keep pushing. I’ve written books, preached, help others in more ways I can think of but my light still seems dim. I’m not gettting any younger. My motivation is my daughter. Seeing her face everyday brings joy to my soul. Being strong for her and having the courage I need to move forward is what gets me from point A to point B. I’m trusting and believing that it’s going to get better!

~Don’t Get Discouraged~

~One Day At A Time~


One Day At A Time

Two weeks into 2018 and I am continuing to feel blessed. Why? Because I’m still here. Gods grace and mercy has brought me through so much. I hear people say what their New Years resolutions are but as for me I just want to take it one day at a time. I know that through out the year there will be some ups and downs but I just want to focus on each day as they come. Tomorrow can take care of itself.  For years I’ve been worrying about things and issues that some were out of my control and others I just felt the need to worry but as I began to prepare myself for 2018 I realized that worrying will only add to the problems and it takes away my joy. This year as I take one day at a time, each day I am gradually taken my joy, my peace and my sanity because somehow along this journey I lost it or I managed to allow the devil to strip it from me. I pray that this year I can embrace my strength and my love for myself. Life is what you make it and if it feels like you are in “hell” then it’s because you/we allowed ourselves to embark on that path. I pray that what each day  brings that God equips me for it and comfort me along the way. I am who God has designed me to be and each day I am getting closer to my destination.

~One Day At A Time~